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Zurich Tram Line 11 for OMSI 2

Hersteller: mailsoft , Hersteller Artikel-Nr.: 5234en

Zurich Tram 11
SFr. 19.90



Zurich Tram Line 11 for OMSI 2

now available


Articel-No. 5234en
Publisher: mailsoft GmbH
Manual: Deutsch - Français - English
Installation with STEAM key


Download fast drive manual english             Downlad english manual
(please read first)  


Welcome to Zurich !

Although not officially the capital and government headquarters, Zurich is the cultural, financial and tourist center of Swiss. Having a tram as a vehicle in OMSI2 program, now you have the opportunity to drive through the mere center of Zurich and enjoy the classical, intact and divine architecture of this unique worldwide famous city. Driving a bus through the center, though, is not allowed.

The tram route 11, 13km long with 34 stops, takes you from rural suburbs of Auzelg all the way to the city center and then uphill to green Rehalp. First, you get to see modern business facilities along Thurgauerstrasse Street, the City Stadium,
the Tram Depot and Oerlikon Railway Station where Stadler Giruno, the newest gem of Swiss railway industry, is located. It is placed on platform 3, but when passing through, also on platforms 1 and 2.







Zurich route 11 

02 Fernsehstudio
03 Glattpark
04 Oerlikerhus
05 Leutschenbach
06 Messe / Hallenstadion
07 Sternen Oerlikon
08 Bahnhof Oerlikon
09 Regensbergbrücke
10 Bad Allenmoos
11 Brunnenhof (Radio Studio)
12 Bucheggplatz
13 Laubiweg
14 Schaffhauserplatz
15 Kronenstrasse
16 Beckenhof
17 Stampfenbachplatz
18 Bahnhofquai / HB
19 Bahnhofstrasse / HB
20 Rennweg
21 Paradeplatz
22 Kantonalbank
23 Bürkliplatz
24 Bellevue
25 Bahnhof Stadelhofen
26 Kreuzplatz
27 Signaustrasse
28 Hegibachplatz
29 Hedwigsteig
30 Wetlistrasse
31 Burgwies
32 Balgrist
33 Friedhof Enzenbühl
34 Rehalp




For improved driving characteristics, we recommend making adjustments in the basic program,
change the following settings:

  1. a) Sun is too dazzling: Deactivate “Sun Glow Effect” under “Graphics”.
  2. b) Driver's cab jumps around: Deactivate "Driver's head moves" under "General".
  3. c) Tram blocks while driving: Deactivate “Reduced Multithreading” under “Advanced - Performance” and activate “Load whole map at start”.
  4. d) Better performance when driving: Under “Graphics (advanced)” “Use Material Channels” deactivate “Reflextion Map and Bump Map”.

Important: Always restart OMSI2 after a change!

System Requirements

Important: The OMSI2 Omnibus simulator must be installed before installing the Add-On.

- STEAM Installation
- OMSI 2 – The Omnibus Simulator at least. 2.2.032
- Windows 7/8/8.1/10/11
- Processor (CPU) 2.8 GHz
- At least 4 GB RAM
- At least 2 GB free hard disk space
- Graphic card with at least 1024 MB (DirectX: 9.0 or higher)
- Internet connection